AL HAYAT: Sleiman in Vatican for felicitations, Maronite patriarchy mobilizes for consensual election law

Pope interested in formation of Lebanese cabinet

Salam "in a rush" awaits answer of March 8

AL JOUMHORIYAH: Bkirky moves in direction of Ayn Teeneh and Moukhtara in a bid for electoral consensus

AL AKHBAR: Electoral communication between Aoun and Geagea

THE DAILY STAR: Images of Sabra and Shatila in Banias

ANNAHAR: Vatican concerned over increasing number of displaced Syrians in Lebanon

"No for obligation and no for rejection" in cabinet formation process

AL MOUSTAQBAL: Displaced dossier to be addressed during Pope, Sleiman meeting

1100 Syrian families go into Arsal

Bkirky rejects electoral law of half plus one


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