Jreissati: Salam should steer clear of disputed headlines

NNA - Caretaker Labor Minister, Salim Jreissati, said on Tuesday that Prime Minister-designate, Tammam Salam, should have spared the cabinet formation process from "disputed headlines".

Speaking to "Sawt al-Shaab" the Minister said that Salam's designation came with a high ceiling of conditions that were not that promising to start with.

"Salam should have remained fully discreet and opted for ensuring a cabinet which represents each Parliamentary bloc in accordance with its size," he said.

Moreover, the MP said that a meeting will be held between March 8 representatives and Salam in a bid to brief the latter on March 8 vision of an appropriate cabinet formation process.

"This shall facilitate Salam's mission forming a cabinet," said the Minister.

Albeit, Jreissati ruled out rumors alluding to a discrepancy in stances between Berri and Aoun reaching a new electoral plan, saying both men enjoy excellent relations.

The Minister concluded by saying that any scenario leading to a technical extension of the House of Parliament's mandate ought to be based on a new law that allows it, or else the extension period would be unconstitutional.


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