Thursday 20 Jun 2024 - 12:00

08:36 am


Zahra: Syrian regime solely benefits from intimidating Christians

NNA - MP Antoine Zahra said in an interview with the Orient radio that the Syrian regime alone has an interest in the intimidation of Christians through the kidnapping of Bishops Youhanna and Yaziji.

"The Syrian opposition is not takfiri, as they are trying to portray it," he said, commenting on the latest Syrian events, and not failing to accuse Hezbollah of being engaged in the fighting alongside the Syrian regime, for ideological reasons and upon Iranian orders.

After his tour in Australia and the United States and and his meeting with LF partisans and the Lebanese Diaspora there, Zahra sensed their faith in the March 14's cause and unity despite the dispute over the election law in Lebanon.

Zahra said the expatriates fear that Hezbollah would drag Lebanon into security crises, similar to what happened back in 2006.


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