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Sehnaoui: FPM might not return to Energy Ministry

NNA - Caretaker Telecommunications Minister Nicolas Sehanoui on Wednesday said that a cosmic war was being waged against the Free Patriotic Movement not to let it assume Energy and Telecom Ministries.

Sehanoui spoke today during a debate he held with the AUT students and graduates at Le Gray hotel, Down Town Beirut, about the Information Technology in Lebanon and the needs to develop this sector.

Caretaker Minister said that accomplishments were major in the telecom sector despite wars waged to prevent that.

"In the Industry sector, Lebanon lacks raw material. In the agriculture, other countries are ahead of us in terms of the wide agricultural terrains. In tourism, any security quake may quiver the season and the entire sector," Sehanoui said.

He then explained that what was left in Lebanon to sell was the creativity and expertise of the people.

Hence, he deemed that the digital economy was the last chance for Lebanon to reverse this course and build a positive one to preserve its youth and potentials.

Sehnaoui hoped, in case his bloc did not assume the Telecom portfolio, that his successor would work on carrying out projects he had started and turn Lebanon into a digital platform.


تابعوا أخبار الوكالة الوطنية للاعلام عبر أثير إذاعة لبنان على الموجات 98.5 و98.1 و96.2 FM

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