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Moussawi: extended hand, ball in their court

NNA - "Our hand remains extended for national accord's sake", leading Hezbollah parliamentarian Nawwaf Moussawi told party affiliates during the 7th day commemoration of a slain party member in Jouba/South Lebanon today.

Moussawi challenged party political opponents saying, the ball is now in their court. His party assumes now full responsibility in defending stability and national unity after fighting Israeli occupation for long, he added. Ever since Hasan Nasrullah "launched the 2006 earthquake, the party thoughtfully opted for partnership between all sides and intends keeping it that way", Moussawi contended.

Hezbollah's priority lies in letting PM-designate Salam assume the mantle of premiership in a bid to prepare for elections even though, those could not based on the dead Code # 60. Moussawi insisted on holding onto party weapons under defensive-liberationist pretexts; He argued to the effect, that whoever opposes us is against us. Taef Accords clearly stipulated party armed Jihad against Israel, and they need to reconsider their position accordingly, Moussawi concluded.

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