Wednesday 29 May 2024 - 12:00

07:51 am


Geagea: Elections require neutral government

NNA - Elections require a neutral government, Commander of the Lebanese Forces' party Sameer Geagea, told Voice of Free Lebanon radio station talkshow today,

Geagea who congratulated Christians and Lebanese at the advent of Easter, listed the complex juncture Lebanon and the Middle East is currently passing through albeit, things look pretty promising on the surface as he said.

Speaking in quasi-religious terms, he likened Lebanon's rising which is well at hand as the way of Golgotha and, that Mikati's resignation was tantamount to a small Easter gift to the Lebanese. Geagea coaxed them to stick to their faith and work to attain resurrection.

He insisted on holding elections on time with or, without a new Mikati-led government which must be neutral anyway.


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