Monday 20 May 2024 - 12:00

06:34 am


Geagea: No regrets at government resignation

NNA - No regrets whatsoever at Mikati's resignation, Lebanese Forces' Commander Sameer Geagea, exclaimed during an interview accorded to the Saudi daily newspaper al-Riyadh today.

Geagea anticipated further weakening of March 8 as a result of Mikati's stepping down amid prospective boosting of his own Bloc. He stressed that president Sleiman happens to be the only state official who refused to bow to Syrian dictates in its bid to drag the Lebanese into fighting its war against its people.

Geagea underscored the lack of will to close the border in the face of a Hizbullah bent on assisting the regime and reaping benefits out of that for itself in terms of arms and materiel.

The LF Commander pleaded with the Saudi authorities not to retaliate from Lebanese expats at large on account of the Hizbullah spy arguing that he only constituted one singular case out of a total of 4 million.

He disclosed continued contacts with Saad Hariri over drafting a new electoral law. The majority of ministers tolerated Mikati for a complete year in a bid that he pays them back in kind only to discover his reluctance to deliver over getting rid of officer Reefi, the LF Commander said.

Geagea added that Hizbullah harboured designs to install Aoun's close relatives at the helm of the Army. He spoke about reaching a certain accord with March 8 over a new electoral law deemed acceptable to all.


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