Wednesday 29 May 2024 - 12:00

08:54 am


Weather: Cloudy on mountaintops with stable temperature

NNA - Sunday's cloudy weather on mountaintops will register stability in temperature as forecasted by Beirut Airport -based Meteorology Department.

Temperature along the coastline ranges between 12 degree Celsius for the low and, 22 degree Celsius for the high

On the mountain range: a high of 14 degree Celsius registers 5 degree Celsius for the low by sunset

In the Beqaa and the Interior, temperatures range between 7 degrees Celsius for the low and, 17 degrees for the high

- Southerly-Westerly surface winds, gusting between 45 and 15 Km/hr, intensify every now and then and stir a relatively choppy Mediterranean Sea whose temperature measures 19 degrees Celsius

- Visibility is Medium

- Humidity on the coastline measures between 50% and 80%.

- Sunrise: 05:41 Sunset: 17:50


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