Monday 20 May 2024 - 12:00

05:36 am


Salam says Sunnite sect would not fight with other sects

NNA - Member of Parliament Tammam Salam said that the attack on the Sunnite sheikhs on Sunday was not a spontaneous incident, but it was within the context of a malicious scheme to drag the country to a sectarian strife.

"Those who follow up on the Syrian regime's performance directly realize... that it takes a divisive crumbling approach towards Lebanon," Salam told "El Asbou Al-Arabi" magazine.

He pointed out to the Sunnite sect feeling that they are "targeted and exposed".

The MP explained that closing the roads from Saida to Naameh and Beirut were not more than unprompted responses which reflected frustration and disappointment, pointing out that the Sunnite sect has no intention to clash with other sects in Lebanon, especially with the Shiite community.


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