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Lebanese Press Headlines/March 16, 2013


Damascus halts threats outstripping Lebanon

Berri and Mikati bound for Rome to attend consecration

Hazmiyyeh meeting notes Aoun/Hizbullah's rejection of attempted accords

Al-Mustaqbal Bloc's open letter in response to "impossible exoneration"



SLeiman allaying Damascus fears;"Lebanon shall never become border-crossing for gunmen or gun-running

Washington favours elections right on time ... regardless of consequences



Protracted Syrian war: General mobilization- clashes all over the country

Hizbullah scores extra points in approaching Sunnis via Mikati/Mufti

Displaced Syrians hit the 600,000 mark/their return home is not imminent



Harb: We modified our position in a positive way but the other side turned down elections

Sleiman "studies" Syrian message; Siniora regards it arrogant threat.



Lebanese sources deny presence of Syrian gunmen...shells keep hitting Akkar



Presidents bound tomorrow for the Vatican ... Jamal Munjed appointed as deputy-head of the Civil Service Council as of Wednesday

Qabbani circumvents the Serail: Darel-Fatwa in custody of the clergy

Apprehension of Syrian escalation in the wake of Doha summit amid ministerial optimism to finalize salary scale funding



Qabbani handing over Darel-Fatwa to religious scholars and retains the position of Mufti



Apprehension of renewed violence in Tripoli Army beefing up positions to avert unforeseen developments



Security source warning via al-Bina" against shadowy moves by extremist groups.

Ministerial Commission's finalized discussion of salary scale-funding ushers indication as per approval on the 21st

Russian National Security Council discusses Syrian situation with Europe disappointing London and Paris


Commenting on UN Security Council anxiety, Mikati agreed with Council and takes UN decisions into consideration

Sleiman: Border violations tackled by the military

Sinyora: Syrian warning creates the impression of an imminent aggression.


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