Monday 20 May 2024 - 12:00

05:23 am


Ibrahim: no Syrian political detainees in Lebanon

NNA - General Security Chief, Major General Abbas Ibrahim, on Wednesday confirmed that there are no political detainees in Lebanon, neither Syrians nor Lebanese.

"We were never offered to release Syrian detainees in Lebanon in return for the release of the nine Lebanese kidnapped in Syria," he affirmed, saying contacts with the concerned authorities were underway to solve this dossier.

The Major General said the case of the two Lebanese men held hostages in Nigeria was being followed up closely.

Tackling the Syrian dossier, Ibrahim worried that the situation would take a Lebanese course.

"Lebanon's crisis lasted about 30 years, and things could be even worse in Syria," he warned, saying the displacement issue is engendering huge problems at various levels.

"Things are under control. We reinforced our border elements so as to speed up the displaced persons registration."

Ibrahim did not rule out the possibility of armed members' infiltration among the displaced groups, noting that the matter needed to be tackled from sheer humane, social and economic point of views.


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