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Lebanese Newspapers Headlines for Wednesday 13/3/2013

NNA - AN-NAHAR: Contacts preceded session rescued Cabinet's situation

PSP minister: Foreign ministry platform for Syrian Ambassador

"New York Times": Death of Hezbollah's forces commander in Syria

ASSAFIR: Cabinet's salary scale procrastination shackles 400 thousand students!

Lebanon "captive" of strife risks

ALDIYAR: UN announces: Syrian refugees will reach 4 million in 2014

Orthodox bill introduction to division and establishment of 4 sectarian states

AL-MUSTAQBAL: Siniora, Jumblatt continue to study common law and Ein el Helwi clashes go on for second day

"Future": 'Hezbollah" arms problem for Lebanese present and future

AL-AKHBAR: Bassil links Cabinet's survival to refugees' case treatment

AL-JOUMHOURIYAT: Silverman and March 14 meet in Awkar and Sidon's clash tensed atmosphere at night

DAILY STAR: Cardinals begins election with inconclusive vote

Unions to expand sit-ins to Beirut airport and port

Fighting intensifies across Syria


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