Monday 15 Apr 2024 - 12:00

11:43 am


Harb's House Gathering plans to defeat Orthodox law

NNA - A meeting for independent Christian deputies and figures at MP Boutros Harb's residence in Hazmieh on Thursday, expressed total rejection to the Orthodox Gathering law - approved yesterday by joint house committees - and planned to vote against it and defeat it in the parliamentary council via independent deputies' unity.

The attendees said they will defeat the Iranian and Syrian projects in Lebanon via fighting said law, indicating that March 8 sides, especially Hezbollah, work for personal interests, not national, as such sides have refused a law draft based on small-sized districts.

The attendees criticized the joint house committees' yesterday as "deviating from the path of democracy through solely focusing on the Orthodox law project, not any other proposal."

Harb, for his part, stressed that March 14 camp is still solid and united over crucial national titles, considering the Orthodox law to be smashing both the Christian presence and coexistence.


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