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Daher to Sleiman: for lifting siege off Arsal

NNA - We demand the immediate lifting of army siege off Arsal, Deputy Khaled Daher of the pro-Hariri parliamentarian Bloc told Lebanese president Michel Sleiman today.

Daher cited at his press conference the instance of army siege of Arsal to underscore the fallacy of the so-called Mikati-led government neutrality in the Syrian crisis.

He accused the government of supplying Assad's army with nitrates essential for manufacturing high explosives dropped daily on Syrian civilian cities.

He also cited loads of diesel oil smuggled across Masnaa' border crossing to fuel Assad's tanks and military vehicles in a clear violation of UN anti-regime sanctions and embargo.

Daher challenged army Operations to intervene and stop the smuggling of hundreds of tons of high explosives into Syria.

While demanding Mikati's immediate resignation, Daher threatened to take to the street in a bid to lift off Arsal siege. He accused the military of giving hundreds of Hizbullah militiamen the blind eye while crossing into Syria in order to fight Assad's war on "his people".

He enquired about the whereabouts of the Free Syrian officer in Lebanese army custody and expressed deep concern over likely Lebanese military handing him over to Assad's regime.

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