Wednesday 29 May 2024 - 12:00

09:49 am


Sakr requests terror charges over Samaha, Mamlouk

NNA - The government commissioner to the permanent military court, Judge Sakr Sakr, requested in a study into the case of former Deputy and Minister Michel Samaha, charging each of Samaha and Maj.Gen. Ali Mamlouk of planning to carry out terrorist acts, preparing explosives, and transferring them from Syria to Lebanon to be placed in public places to assassinate deputies, religious, and political dignitaries.

The request was based on articles in which the penalty is capital punishment.

Sakr also requested the issuance of a permanent investigation warrant to discover the full identity of "general Adnan", the director of Maj.Gen. Ali Mamlouk's office, and referred it to First Military Investigation judge, Riad Abou Ghida, to issue an indictment and refer the accused and their file to the permanent military court for trial.


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