Wednesday 22 May 2024 - 12:00

10:45 am


Fatfat: Orthodox electoral law contradicts Taef

NNA - The Orthodox electoral law contradicts Taef Accord, leading pro-Hariri deputy of the House Ahmad Fatfat told to pro-Hariri colleagues and a group of Dinniyyeh municipal heads today.

Fatfat argued against any electoral law based on proportionality out of fear of enabling Hezbollah to lay its hands on the country as a whole. He insisted on holding the elections right on time and accused the party of God of manipulating the Lebanese parliament to further its hegemonic ends. Fatfat accused the Aounist Trend of covering up for Hezbollah. Aounists he retorted have been effectively acting under the baton of the maestro Hassan Nasrallah while claiming fair representation of all Lebanese Christian.

The Future Bloc deputy minimized internal differences within March 14 while March 8 was kept in line under sheer Hezbollah instructions. He listed Mikati-led government myriad misgivings since it took office and highlighted them by the stark irregularities of the ministries of Energy and Telecommunications.

Fatfat favoured a consensual electoral law based on genuine democratic representation and pledged to come out with a draft law reflecting March 14 unity of purpose within a few weeks.


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