Monday 15 Apr 2024 - 12:00

01:03 pm


Karami: Rahi's St. Maroun's commemoration revives unitary Lebanon

NNA - Patriarch Rahi's commemoration of St. Maroun's birthday in Tripoli, revives a conceptual unitary Lebanon, minister of Youth Affairs Faysal Karami told the visiting Maronite Church head today.

The minister and, in his welcoming address at St. Maroun's church in Tripoli, qualified Rahi's visit as "historically significant." He noted that Maronite proliferation took place all over the country and added that today's visit reestablished the concept of a unitary Lebanon of a harmonious monoculture.

He spoke of a multiple purposed visit message targeting Christians and Muslims alike. According to the minister the message bespeaks of Lebanese indivisibility and indispensability towards one another.


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