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Mikati blames incendiary rhetoric for withering economy

NNA - Prime Minister Najib Mikati on Thursday urged economists to steer clear from attempts to sabotage the Lebanese economy as means to target the government, imploring concerned sides to set politics apart from the national economy.

The Prime Minister's words came during a wide meeting by the economic bodies, which had been held at the Grand Serail this morning, chaired by Former Minister Adnan Kassar.

"In Lebanon, we are still capable of preserving the necessary requirements needed to ensure economic security and growth, despite the hard-hitting circumstances the region endures and which have negatively influenced the world's economy," Mikati told conferees, including Trade and Economy Minister Nicholas Nahhas, Industry Minister Vrej Sabounjian, and State Minister Marwan Kheir.

Moreover, Mikati expressed the cabinet's interest to share the economic bodies' views and proposals.

"We look forward to establish a methodology capable of moving the economic cycle in light of the crucial regional developments, which are storming the economies of neighboring countries," he said, stressing the importance of mitigating their repercussions on the Lebanese economy.

The Prime Minister couldn't help but wonder whether it is the cabinet that's harming the nation's economy, or bellicose statements being delivered by some economic figures every now and then.

"We've been lately hearing some incendiary rhetoric by some economists who have been eulogizing the economy by hinting to some imaginary taxes imposed by the cabinet's new budget," Mikati said, reminding those involved that final judgments should be based on the final results, and not on mere proposals and thoughts.

"Our vision is very clear, and resembles your vision with regard to making optimum use of Lebanon's human capabilities and to encouraging the private sector to boost our economy, which is currently functioning with a small fraction of its power."

In turn, Kassar expressed the economic bodies' appreciation of Mikati's unremitting support by seeking means to salvage the nation's economy.

"We don't disagree with your person over the matter. Our stance (...) is crystal clear. We deem our economy as one of the most active at the regional level, but we admit that some things need to be fixed," Kassar said.

Following the meeting, Kassar handed Mikati a copy of the economic bodies' work paper, which had been discussed and endorsed during their most recent meeting.

It is to note that agreement had been set on holding monthly meetings between the Prime Minister, concerned Ministers, and economic bodies. The next meeting will be taking place on February 18, 2013.


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