Wednesday 22 May 2024 - 12:00

12:23 pm


Rifai family beseech BrigadierGeneral Ibrahim to help in their son's release

NNA - In a statement Saturday evening by the family of Syrian citizen, Mohamad Rifai, who recently went missing in Syria, they implored Lebanese Public Security Director General, Abbas Ibrahim, to help in ensuring the release of their son. They expressed gratitude to Lebanese security apparatuses, Brigadier-General Ibrahim, former MP Musbah Al-Ahdab and Prime Minister, Najib Mikati, for all exerted efforts in their son's case.

They also assured that as a family, they have no connection with any movements or organized sit-ins or any sabotage acts whatsoever; stressing that their actions remain confined under the Lebanese State roof-top. Furthermore, they stressed that their son has no connection with any Islamist or militant group, but actually resides in Australia where he is pursuing his higher education.

The family expressed their full confidence in Brigadier-General Ibrahim, thanking him for his efforts in following-up on their missing son's case.

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