Wednesday 22 May 2024 - 12:00

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Ibrahim contacts Srour's mother promises to followup on her son's case

NNA - Public Security Director General, Brigadier-General Abbas Ibrahim, responded Saturday to a call by Syrian mother, Amneh Turkey Abboud Srour, who implored him to follow-up on the case of her detained son in Syria, Hasan Srour. Ibrahim duly accepted to tend to the mother's plea, thanking her for her trust and promising to follow-up on her son's case.

The mother had sent a plea through the National News Agency to all Lebanese officials to work on ensuring her son's release; urging particularly Brigadier-General Ibrahim in her call. She indicated that Ibrahim had earlier helped in ensuring the return of her late son, Hussein Srour's body amongst the 8 victims of Talkalakh. Hence, she implored him, once again, to intervene in the case of her second son to ensure his release, assuring that he has no connections with any religious organization whatsoever.

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