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Zeidan to Berri: For endorsing humanitarian rights

NNA - Basic human rights for Palestinian refugees and displaced must be legally approved by parliament DFLP politbureau member , Saleh Zeidan, told House Speaker, Nabih Berri and senior Amal advisors during a visit to Ein-Teeneh today.

Zeidan also urged a speeded-up reconstruction of Nahr el-Bared refugee camp devastated by a 2-year-long fighting between the Lebanese military and Syrian-sponsored members of Fath al-Islam group.

Zeidan also brought to Berri's attention the plight of women and children prisoners in Israeli jails in the hope that Arab parliamentarians apply pressure on the international community to obtain their release.

With respect to those Palestinians displaced from Syria by the regime, the DFLP official reminded the Speaker of a recent government decision to ameliorate tragic living conditions inside the camps by opening up working opportunities to them in accordance with legislative human and domestic stipulations.

Joe Houbeika of the "party of Promise" invited Berri to attend a memorial mass service for his father Elie who was mysteriously slain in a car bomb attack 11 years ago.

Rashad Salameh and Ziyad Saheb also met with Berri during their courtesy visit at Ein-Teeneh today with no report as yet as per meeting's outcome.


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