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After an all-night raid of Ramallah, Israeli occupation army demolishes home of Palestinian prisoner

NNA - Following an all-night raid of Ramallah and confrontations with youths, the Israeli occupation soldiers demolished this morning the apartment of the Palestinian prisoner Islam Froukh in the old town of Ramallah and injured six people in the process.

A large army force composed of more than 100 vehicles raided Ramallah shortly before midnight and proceeded to the old town to demolish the Froukh home.

Confrontations broke out with local youths and the Ministry of Health said that six people were injured, including three by live bullets to the waist, leg and arm, and the rest by rubber bullets or tear gas and all were reported in stable condition. Photojournalist, Moumen Sumrein, was hit in the head by a rubber bullet and reported in stable condition.

At around 5:30 a.m., the army completed the demolition of the Froukh home, destroying it from the inside due to its location on the first floor of a four-story building displacing his parents and four sisters who lived in the apartment.

Froukh was allegedly involved in the killing of two Israelis in Jerusalem and was arrested around the end of December of last year. -- WAFA news agency 



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