Gulf states protest to Blinken about the statements of an Israeli minister on Palestinians

NNA - The Gulf Cooperation Council announced that it had sent a letter to the US Secretary of State to denounce the statements of an Israeli minister who denied the existence of the Palestinian people, according to "Agence France-Presse".

In a letter to Minister Anthony Blinken, the foreign ministers of the six-nations bloc denounced the statements of the far-right Israeli Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich about the need to "erase" the Palestinian town of Hawara, where two Israelis were killed by a suspected Hamas activist.

In its message published on its website today, the GCC called on the United States of America to assume its responsibilities in responding to all measures and statements targeting the Palestinian people.

It also urged the US administration to "do its part to reach a just, comprehensive and lasting solution" to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.



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