Abdollahian: I will soon meet with Saudi foreign minister

NNA - Iranian Foreign Minister Amir Abdollahian said today that he will soon meet his Saudi counterpart, Faisal bin Farhan.

Abdollahian confirmed during a press conference reported by "Russia Today", that "it was agreed with Saudi Arabia to exchange technical visits to prepare the grounds for the reopening of embassies."

He added, "We have seen the level of relations with the UAE and Kuwait rise, and the announcement that relations with Saudi Arabia will return to normal."

"After five rounds of dialogue with Riyadh, the Chinese president put forward a proposal that was accepted by the leaders of the two countries...We suggested holding the dialogue in Beijing at the level of assistant foreign ministers, but the Saudi side confirmed that we need a final round of security negotiations, and they suggested holding the meeting at the level of national security advisors," the Iranian Foreign Minister explained.

Abdollahian indicated that "messages are continuously exchanged with the Saudi side," and "Tehran has announced its readiness to hold a meeting between foreign ministers, as we proposed three places to hold the meeting, and after agreeing on the time and location, it will be announced so that the embassies and consulates of both countries will be reopened."



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