Iranian official: We are preparing major steps to develop Iranian-Gulf relations

NNA - The Director-General of the Gulf region at the Iranian Foreign Ministry, Alireza Enayati, announced that the level of relations between Iran and the Gulf countries "has improved during the country's thirteenth government, according to the official "Iranian News Agency" (IRNA).

He said, "We are preparing major steps to develop Iranian-Gulf relations, and we affirm this cooperation, and we believe that important regional discussions must be accompanied by political dialogue and political solutions."

Enayati added, "The exchange of visits by the Iranian President, Ibrahim Raisi, and the leaders of the region, may be an indication of the serious will of the parties to strengthen relations."

He continued, "The leaders of some Arab countries are holding continuous discussions with the Iranian president on the most important regional issues, and this is an important step that serves the stability of the region," stressing that "Iranian-Gulf cooperation will lead us to economic and commercial cooperation," hoping that "we will be able to move in this framework again." ".

He added, "We will participate in this year's Hajj season with ease."



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