Arab Parliament: For enacting international legislation that criminalizes incitement to hatred, anti-Islam


NNA – In an issued statement on Monday, the Arab Parliament condemned the actions of “some extremists in the State of Sweden by deliberately abusing the Holy Qur’an,” alongside their “provocations and incitement against Muslims.”

The Parliament stressed its strong rejection of using the “freedom of expression” banner in insulting Islam and the sanctities of the true Islamic religion, “an act that is incompatible with all values, religious principles and basic human rights.”

The Arab Parliament, thus, underlined "the need to enact international legislations that criminalize incitement to hatred, discrimination and anti-Islam," referring in this context to "the unanimous decision of the United Nations General Assembly to dedicate an annual day (March 15 of each year) to combat Islamophobia."

It also called on “the wise and intellectuals of the West to confront the abuse of the true Islamic religion, for insulting Islam and religious beliefs, in general, only serves the agenda of extremists who refuse to accept and coexist with the other.”

Finally, the Arab Parliament underlined “the importance of concerted international efforts to spread the values of dialogue, tolerance and coexistence; reject hatred, violence and extremism; and prevent the abuse of all religions and sanctities."



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