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Consultative workshops on Lebanon's national digital transformation strategy wind up

NNA - Wednesday marked the conclusion of a series of consultative workshops focused on digital identity and electronic signatures, held as part of the implementation of Lebanon's National Digital Transformation Strategy. 

The workshops, inaugurated yesterday at the Grand Serail under the patronage of Prime Minister Najib Mikati and organized by Minister of State for Administrative Development, Ambassador Najla Riachi, aimed to advance Lebanon's digital transformation agenda.

The opening ceremony was attended by Deputy Prime Minister Saadeh Al-Shami, representing Prime Minister Mikati, along with ministers, parliamentarians, senior officials, IT experts, and a delegation from the World Bank led by Jean-Christophe Carret, the Regional Director for the Middle East.

In his address, Minister Al-Shami emphasized the importance of achieving digitalization as part of a comprehensive reform package aimed at building a modern digital state. He highlighted the challenges that have hindered investment in technology and information sectors, including economic conditions and significant declines in public sector salaries. Despite these challenges, he acknowledged the efforts of the Ministry of State for Administrative Development, under Minister Riachi, in laying the foundation for digital transformation in collaboration with local specialists and international partners, notably the World Bank.

Minister Riachi, in her opening remarks, discussed the pervasive role of digital transformation in daily life through the reliance on technology. She emphasized the benefits of leveraging information technology in public administration to enhance the quality, accuracy, and speed of public services, combat corruption, and achieve sustainable development. 

Riachi then cited examples from countries that have successfully implemented digital transformation in their public sectors, benefiting both citizens and public service employees, noting that the Ministry of Administrative Development is currently working with international partners, particularly the World Bank, to develop a prioritized implementation plan for the national digital transformation strategy. This involves technical consultations with experts and stakeholders across government ministries, institutions, and the private sector.

In turn, Jean-Christophe Carret outlined the objectives of the two-day consultative workshops, which included engaging local and international experts to support the Ministry of Administrative Development in crafting an actionable plan for the digital transformation strategy. The workshops featured contributions from World Bank experts, as well as specialists from both the public and private sectors, facilitating the exchange of experiences and best practices to ensure the effective implementation of digital transformation and address associated challenges.

The first workshop centered on digital identity, while the second brought together Lebanese and international IT experts to discuss the significance of electronic signatures for official documents and electronic transactions. 

Representatives from the Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Industry, and the Central Bank participated in interactive discussions on the use of electronic signatures in public sector transactions.




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