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Mikati celebrates Tripoli as “Capital of Arab Culture”, pushes for ending disruption

NNA - During a celebration marking the announcement of "Tripoli the Capital of Arab Culture," Caretaker Prime Minister, Najib Mikati, delivered a speech emphasizing the city's rich and vibrant history. 

"Today, we celebrate a living, pulsating history that Tripoli has carried and protected through generations," Mikati said, highlighting Tripoli's unique blend of heritage, encompassing mosques, churches, the sea, the citadel, markets, and the harmonious coexistence of its people.

The Caretaker PM lauded Tripoli as a city unlike any other, a mosaic of cultural and religious landmarks, educational institutions, markets, and diverse neighborhoods. He underscored the city’s role in fostering national unity and its historical commitment to Arab causes, notably the Palestinian issue and the ongoing Israeli aggression against Gaza and southern Lebanon.

Reflecting on Tripoli’s journey into modernity in the mid-20th century, Mikati praised the city’s cultural evolution and openness to external influences while maintaining its identity. He also celebrated the inclusion of the Rashid Karami International Fair in the UNESCO World Heritage list, acknowledging the responsibility to preserve this architectural marvel.

Addressing Lebanon’s current political paralysis, Mikati called for renewed efforts to break the cycle of repeated crises, urging political leaders to learn from past mistakes and focus on electing a new president and revitalizing state institutions. 

Mikati went on to stress the importance of overcoming obstacles to support the government's efforts in maintaining state functions amid challenging circumstances.

Mikati then commended the efforts of Minister of Culture, Mohammad Wissam Mortada, for his dedication to ensuring the success of the cultural events in Tripoli, and praised the enthusiasm of cultural organizations in the city.

"Today, Tripoli joyously celebrates its coronation as the Capital of Arab Culture despite the harsh circumstances surrounding it and the nation. Congratulations to Tripoli, Lebanon, and the Arab world. Long live culture, Arabism, Tripoli, and Lebanon," Mikati concluded.





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