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Adwan says financing Syrians in Lebanon must stop

NNA - The Administration and Justice Parliamentary Committee held today a session chaired by MP George Adwan and attended by its member deputies.

After the session, Adwan held a press conference in which he announced that the committee completed studying the proposed law on "unregistered individuals" which includes all controls regarding obtaining citizenship, most importantly submitting a DNA test.

Adwan continued: "The file of the Syrians in Lebanon largely dominated the discussions of the Administration and Justice Committee in today's session, and it has become a weekly station that we work on during our sessions and follow up on..."

In this context, Adwan stressed that the issue of financing displaced Syrians in Lebanon must end, since their continued assistance inside Lebanon, with all the resulting economic, security, social, and demographic problems, can no longer be tolerated.

He added: “The government, to this day, and despite all our requests, is negligent. The security services are not performing their full role as they should, and the judiciary, which frees any arrested person, is violating its duties to implement the laws.”

Adwan deemed this dossier a "national issue", underlining that the security apparatuses and the judiciary must play their role and the government must render this file an "absolute priority".


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