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Kataeb: Escaping this reality requires united front rejecting Lebanon's hostage status

NNA - The Kataeb Party’s Political Bureau held its weekly meeting chaired by Kataeb Leader MP Samy Gemayel. After the meeting, the following statement was issued:

1-The Kataeb Political Bureau stated that the local and international initiatives to break Lebanon’s deadlock are trapped in a vicious cycle, with most of them presented within a marketing framework lacking a serious and clear agenda to address the existential crisis threatening the country, saying that Lebanon finds itself under the control of an armed militia that not only seized the country and its institutions but also established its own facilities and airports.
It believed that the current approach indicates that Lebanon is heading towards more confusion, saying that there are no solutions on the horizon unless there is a genuine will to address the real problems, as outlined by the Kataeb Party.
The Kataeb Political Bureau stressed that the solutions include the restoration of institutions, a commitment to the constitutional democratic process, upholding the Lebanese state's authority, and restricting arms to legitimate authorities; Otherwise, Lebanon remains a bargaining chip for Iran's use in its regional negotiations on multiple fronts.
It also emphasized that escaping this state of stagnation requires a unified stance that goes beyond a broad and united opposition front among the Lebanese, regardless of their region or sect, who reject Lebanon remaining hostage to Hezbollah and its axis in the region.

2-The Kataeb Political Bureau noted that the economic crisis has returned to cast its dark shadow on multiple fronts, particularly in the field of education due to exorbitant fees in private schools and universities, as well as the delay in the start of the academic year in public schools and the Lebanese University; threatening a catastrophe for an entire generation's future.
It stated that the artificial stability in the exchange rate of the Lebanese pound will not last in the absence of genuine reforms, especially with the government returning to the imposition of direct and indirect taxes targeting productive sectors and the Lebanese citizens who are already committed to fulfilling their obligations to the state, unlike tax evaders and smugglers.
The Kataeb Political Bureau reiterated that this reality can only change through comprehensive and inevitable reforms and serious negotiations with the International Monetary Fund, instead of abandoning negotiations due to negligence and improvisation.


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