Taymour Jumblatt: For a presidential candidate that does not hinder elections' completion and is accepted at Arab & international levels

NNA - Head of the “Democratic Gathering” parliamentary bloc, MP Taymour Jumblatt, considered that “the current political conditions are more critical compared to the recent stages that Lebanon went through at the various political, economic, social, health and perhaps security levels, and therefore it is absolutely unacceptable to rely on extending lost time with more repercussions of emptiness and turning in the same vicious circle."

“The initiative of the Progressive Socialist Party is to end that stage and open new horizons that would allow for a presidential candidate that does not hinder the completion of the elections, does not constitute a challenge to the other, and is acceptable at the Arab and international levels," Jumblatt said in an issued statement on the sidelines of his Saturday meetings at Al-Mukhtara Palace.

He continued to point out that "the obligatory path to saving Lebanon from the aggravating crises it is facing begins with the presidency of the republic, to stop the rift that has afflicted state institutions and Lebanon's relations with the international community, and implement the required structural and economic reforms to reach an agreement with the International Monetary Fund, thus leading to the necessary stage of recovery."



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