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Hamieh meets Duquesne, underlines reforms are gateway for Lebanon’s recovery

NNA – Caretaker Minister of Public Works and Transport, Dr. Ali Hamieh, on Friday received in his office at the Ministry, French Ambassador in charge of coordinating the international aid to Lebanon, Pierre Duquesne, accompanied by a delegation from the French Embassy.

Discussions touched on the Ministry’s projects related to ports and the reconstruction of the Beirut Port, in addition to the issue of electricity.

On emerging, Minister Hamieh reiterated that Lebanon’s recovery stems from activating its public facilities and carrying out reforms, out of convictions and vision, based on the fact that recovery is realized through reforms in order to restore Lebanon’s wellbeing at all levels, especially at the level of public finances.

In reply to a question about the five-way meeting to be held next Monday in France, Hamieh indicated, "We look positively towards every foreign aid for Lebanon, but our bet remains on the internal dialogue between all parties to elect a president for the republic."


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