President Aoun receives phone call from US President congratulating him on conclusion of negotiations to demarcate southern Lebanese maritime borders

NNA - President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, received this afternoon, a phone call from US President Joe Biden, congratulating him on the conclusion of the negotiations to demarcate the southern Lebanese maritime borders, considering that it is just the beginning, pointing out that the negotiations to reach the agreement were difficult and would contribute to improving the lives of millions of people i  Lebanon. “It required a lot of courage, so I thank you for the trust you have given me, which testifies to the strong friendship that binds our two countries.”


After President Biden recalled his meeting with President Aoun in the 1980s, when he got to know him, he asked to convey his thanks to Speaker Nabih Berri "for the negotiations and the framework agreement that we reached."

President Aoun thanked President Biden for his personal efforts to achieve this agreement.


President Aoun said: 

“First, I would like to personally thank you, Mr. President, for your personal efforts to achieve this agreement, even though I am aware of the significant problems the world is going through and your personal interest in these problems. 


We know that about 10 years ago, when you were vice president, you had a great interest in this particular file and you started working on it. Today, I assure you that you have not failed.


Allow me in particular to commend the role Mr. Amos Hochstein and his team have played and the exceptional effort he has exerted with us and with our team who worked day and night. 


The outstanding approach he adopted  in dealing with our team, from the premise that there should be no winner or loser, has enabled us to reach this historic agreement. 


 The history of our region recounts conflicts and wars more than such agreements  that bring about peace, prosperity and well-being to its people.


In conclusion, Lebanon and its people are counting on your continuous interest and support to resolve its economic crisis and implement this agreement in order to bequeath to our youth hope and a promising future, and advance stability in our region.”


President Biden told President Aoun:

"I want you to know that there is a lot of hope hanging on this agreement, and I want to thank Deputy Speaker Elias Bou Saab from your side, who worked with Amos Hochstein on it.

The US  President expressed his hope that this agreement would make a good opportunity for the lives of the Lebanese people.

He added: "It is also an opportunity to return and restore foreign investments in your country, which you desperately need, and this will also help you to enhance opportunities for exploitation and drilling of oil and gas in your country to improve the lives of millions of your people. The implementation of this agreement in good faith will be a major matter and plays a role  essential to success, and we are always there to assist you whenever you need assistance, and we will ensure that Israel complies with all of its obligations under this agreement."

President Biden added: "Mr. President, I know that you are at the end of your term as President of the Republic, so I wish you good health and confirm that what you have done and the Lebanese government shows how serious you are, and we hope that we will continue in this field. I know that you are in the process of electing a new President of the Republic, and we hope that these presidential elections will be held on schedule and in accordance with the constitution, and that you will be able to form a government capable of restoring the confidence of its people above all, and also capable of achieving the necessary economic and political reforms for the country in adopting the principle of good governance to save the country. This agreement is just the beginning of achieving all these things. I know that these values ​​are very important to you personally."


President Aoun concluded the call by reiterating his thanks to President Biden for the role of the United States of America in these negotiations, while President Biden expressed his desire to meet President Aoun again. -- Presidency Press Office 




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