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Mikati broaches developments with Ministers Salam and Fayyad, Ambassadors of Belgium and Qatar

NNA - Caretaker Prime Minister, Najib Mikati, welcomed on Thursday Caretaker Minister of Energy and Water, Walid Fayyad, with whom he discussed the ministry's situation.

Mikati then met with Caretaker Minister of Administrative Development, Najla Riachy Asaker.

On another level, Mikati welcomed the newly appointed Belgian Ambassador to Lebanon, Koen Vervaeke, who said after the meeting: "We’ve discussed the importance of bilateral relations between Belgium and Lebanon; we have two communities that contribute a lot to the prosperity of both of our countries, and we  seek to strengthen these relations.”

“It is important to see Lebanon as an independent and prosperous nation, especially since, in the coming weeks, there are important internal political deadlines, including the presidential elections, maritime demarcation, and the agreement with the International Monetary Fund,” Vervaeke said. 

Prime Minister Mikati also met on Thursday met with Qatar's Ambassador to Lebanon, Ibrahim bin Abdulaziz Al-Sahlawi.

Prime Minister Mikati had earlier met with Caretaker Economy Minister, Amin Salam. 

After the meeting, Salam said: "We’ve discussed basic issues, including the need to follow up on and implement the wheat and flour plan that we’ve worked on. We’ve made it clear that all the credits are still in place pending the implementation of the World Bank loan within three weeks, which will ensure sustainability in wheat availability.” 

Salam added that  Mikati Mikati would be calling for a meeting to discuss the means to curb the rampant chaos within the energy sector, as some private generator owners have been taking advantage of the situation and forcing people to choose between a hefty monthly bill or zero power supply. 

“The meeting aims to put in place a mechanism to control prices and limit the exploitation of people,” Salam said. 

“We’ve also discussed the intensive meetings that we’ll be holding with the World Bank during its annual meetings to study the post-existing wheat loan and develop the social safety net that provides assistance to approximately 200,000 families in Lebanon,” Salam added. 





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