Patriarch Rahi: Any attempt to disrupt the presidential elections aims to exclude the Maronite role from power

NNA - Maronite Patriarch Beshara Boutros Rahi, warned on Sunday during Sunday Mass service against any attempt to disrupt the presidential elections because it excludes Christians from power.

"To block the presidential elections aims to overthrow the republic and exclude the Christian and Maronite role, in particular, from power," Rahi said.

The Patriarch renewed the insistence on the need to form a new government that transcends the equation of political division between March 8 and 14, which represents the popular situation that arose with the October 17 uprising, and with the parliamentary diversity that resulted from the parliamentary uprising and the May 15 elections.

"These circumstances require a national, sovereign, inclusive and representative government that guarantee the country's unity, economic advancement and carry out the required reforms," he stressed.



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