Rahi talks about "neutrality" in Sunday sermon

NNA - Maronite Patriarch Mar Bechara Boutros Al-Rahi indicated in his Sunday sermon from Diman that it is not possible for Lebanon to live according to his message if it does not live active neutrality, nor can it be implicated in the struggles of others. Neutrality is not a circumstantial position, but rather a method of constructive dialogue.

The Patriarch pointed out that the Patriarchate used to be the voice expressing national positions, so the role of this edifice throughout history was to defend all the Lebanese without fear.

Rahi stressed that the people need a president who will bring Lebanon out of conflicts, adding: "It is not permissible at this stage to hear the names of a candidate from here and there, and we do not see a vision for a candidate."

He stressed the need to expedite taking financial and economic measures to save Lebanon, noting that the state has several ways to provide depositors' money in banks,Unfortunately, but unfortunately they remained idle without looking for a solution.



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