President Aoun meets Army Commander at head of Army Command delegation

NNA - Army Commander General Joseph Aoun stressed that in the midst of the state institutions we are experiencing today, the only and last coherent military institution remains, the basis for the Lebanese entity, and the guarantee for its security and stability as well as the stability of the region, in contrast to all the skeptics and those who bet on its disintegration and collapse.

General Aoun reiterated his confidence in the sons of the military institution, and his pride in their dignity, “Which we will not allow anyone to touch it”.

Stances of the Army Commander came during the speech he delivered to the President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, while meeting him at the head of a delegation of commanding officers on the occasion of the 77th Army Day.


Greetings from the Armed Forces Commander General Joseph Aoun to the President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun on the occasion of the Army Day 1-8-2022.

“Mr. President

Seventy-seven years, a long march in the history of the army, which was established shortly after Lebanon’s independence, bearing the responsibility of defending it with honor, sacrifice and loyalty...and honesty. It is the secretariat of preserving Lebanon, an independent entity, protected from all dangers and threats. We still carry this trust in our veins, and in our uniforms that are saturated with the blood of the martyrs and the wounded, and the sweat of the steadfast, proud, heroic soldiers, whose foreheads do not bow except to the flag of their country.

Mr. President

While the citizens are suffering severely due to the crisis that afflicts our country, and struggling for survival, they find by their side the soldiers of their country, who are facing this crisis with all determination, will, and vigor... and insistence on steadfastness with live flesh awaiting its end. The army bears its full responsibility towards its homeland and its people, amid the multiplicity and complexity of its tasks, refusing to surrender, adhering to its oath no matter how great the sacrifices. Since its establishment, the army has fought many wars and battles, facing the harshest conditions, divisions and accusations, and confronting militias, the Israeli enemy and terrorism. But all these challenges did not overcome it, so the Army remained steadfast... and still is. Our history speaks lessons: whoever harms the army, he is the loser and he is condemned... Whoever attacks the army, history rejects him.

 Mr. President

In the midst of the faltering state institutions we are experiencing today, the military institution remains the only and last coherent military institution, the basis for the Lebanese entity, and the guarantee for its security and stability as well as the stability of the region, in contrast to all the skeptics and those who bet on its disintegration and collapse. Is the institution that confronts terrorism, drugs and protests, maintains civil peace, and keeps pace with the entitlement of parliamentary elections and other national issues, considered stumbling and disintegrating? Is the institution that pushed the best of its youth on the altar of the homeland, compared to the rest of the unproductive institutions? Is it steadfast because its sons face all difficult circumstances with will and determination, and face challenges and the financial crisis, with all its repercussions, with discipline and belief in the sanctity of the mission. Before your Excellency, I reiterate my confidence in them, and my pride in their vigor and dignity, which we will not allow anyone to harm. I am confident that we will pass this difficult and delicate stage, thanks to the determination and will of our soldiers, and with the support of the Lebanese, residents and expatriates, as well as friendly countries.

Mr. President

We know the magnitude of the challenges you face, and the responsibilities placed on you. We are all hopeful and confident that we will pass this stage with minimal losses, amid international and regional changes, the frequencies of which may reach our internal arena. We have before us national and articulated entitlements, the closest of which is the demarcation of the maritime borders. We are committed to any decision you take in this regard for the interest of Lebanon and the good of the Lebanese, and you are entrusted with this.

Finally, we pledge to you, as we pledge to our countrymen, that we will remain on our oath. What concerns us, and what concerns us, is fortifying the military institution, keeping it away from all interactions, and keeping it coherent and capable of protecting Lebanon and preserving its stability.

Long live the army - long live Lebanon”.

President Aoun:

For his part, President Aoun welcomed the delegation, congratulating on the occasion.

President Aoun said “The Army Commander spoke in his speech about the difficulty of the situation in Lebanon, and I, in turn, shed light on my speech today during the officers’ graduation ceremony at the Military College on the difficulties and challenges facing the military establishment, the soldiers, their families and the entire homeland”.

President Aoun also pointed out that “We are suffering from an economic and financial crisis, and the corrupt are still present in the state, and after two years, five months and 15 days, I was able to start the forensic audit, and it began to work since June 27”, stressing the importance of preserving the judiciary to preserve the state.

The President also assured the delegation that “The armed forces and the judiciary are the two main pillars in preserving the state, because the security and military agencies are the ones who detect crime and put their hand on it, while the judiciary is the one who is responsible for the accountability”.

“The situation in Lebanon is exceptional, going through a stage of internal fragmentation and this is what we must address by changing the economic situation” President Aoun said, pointing out the importance of “Extracting oil and gas, which helps to restore the economy in Lebanon, after reaching an agreement to demarcate the southern maritime borders, and God willing, this will be achieved soon”.

Moreover, President Aoun listed the challenges facing Lebanon and exacerbating its economic crisis, starting with the Syrian war and its repercussions, especially the large number of displaced Syrians that Lebanon received, up to the events of October 17, 2019 and then the Corona pandemic, the explosion of the port of Beirut and the Russian-Ukrainian war.

At the end, the President stressed that under the harsh conditions we live in, there is no room for despair.

“The situation needs patience and strength so that we can rise again” President Aoun concluded.—Presidency Press Office 




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