Raad: We are still a powerful parliamentary force that can act in a manner that preserves the interest of our people

NNA - Head of the “Loyalty to the Resistance” parliamentary bloc, MP Mohammad Raad, affirmed Sunday that his bloc is still a powerful parliamentary force that can effectively act to preserve people’s interests.

“Unfortunately, some of the Lebanese whom we want as our partners in this country, resorted to claiming parliamentary majority following the elections...We say that we are still a significant parliamentary force that can be effectively present and act in a way that preserves the interest of our people,” he said.

Raad’s words came during his patronage of a ceremony honoring the first winners in a competition organized by the Association for Islamic Religious Education in Nabatiyeh earlier today.

"We realize that the coming days are not days of prosperity, but rather difficult days that require sincere, patriotic and cooperative efforts from many in this country in order to address the problems and repercussions that have occurred as a result of the economic crisis,” Raad went on.

He blamed the prevailing crisis on “some of those who now claim to have the parliamentary majority, in partnership with the leading international powers that wish to implement their programs and policies in the region for the benefit of the Israeli enemy and to acknowledge the legitimacy of the Israeli occupation of Palestine and Islamic and Christian holy sites, and to subjugate the entire Arab region.”

“This is the reality, and we do not want to plant illusions in the minds of our people, but we want to say to our people that we will do everything in our power and exert all our efforts to prevent any infringement upon their will or dignity, and to safeguard them from becoming destitute in light of policies that aim to take us to a place where we do not remain Lebanese patriots,” Raad underscored.



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