Bassil calls for a speedy new government with a clear program, holding an internal dialogue table

NNA - Free Patriotic Movement Chief, MP Gebran Bassil, called today for "forming a new government as soon as possible and leaving the presidential elections to their time and circumstances, away from political strife."

"We clearly see an intention not to form a government, and this is what will cause the fall of the Taif," he cautioned, adding, "We want a prime minister who is favored by his sect and not from the outside, and the government must have a clear program," stressing that "we want to know the position of its head on Riyad Salameh and the Minister of Finance."

Bassil also called for "holding an internal dialogue table before we receive an invitation to hold a conference abroad on the defense strategy, the displaced Syrians, the borders and gas," adding that "there can be no gas from Karish without gas from the Qana field."

Bassil emphasized the need to abandon the notion of federalism and partition, while expressing readiness to completely abolish sectarianism but noting that it is not yet time at present. 

At the regional level, he underlined that "Syria will remain our neighbour, and our demand is good neighborliness and mutual respect."

His words came at an FPM organized forum at Beirut's Seaside area today, during which he asserted that “despite coming out victorious, yet there is nothing to do with triumph while our country is in danger...Our joint responsibility is to rescue it altogether, for no one can rule on his own..."

"We have gone through exceptional circumstances and we affirm our determination to move forward in response to the aspirations of the Lebanese," pledged Bassil.

He added: "I apologize to those whom we disappointed by failing to achieve their dreams because the system was stronger than us...and we apologize to all those who falsely imagined that they were able to bring us down...." 

On the election law, Bassil said: "We are committed to the electoral law and the megacenter and its development."

He believed that "the Sunni political situation is unhealthy, as fragmentation in this way is dangerous," adding that "the Shiite situation is still coherent, and we have contributed to preventing the breach of the Shiite parliamentary seat in Byblos."
Referring to the parliamentary elections, he said: "We are 21 deputies, and with appeals, we expect to be above 23 deputies."

He added: "The concrete truth is that we are the largest bloc in parliament, and we will grow as well...yet we are not upset if it is smaller...They will be the largest bloc to bear the responsibility...Our deputies won with our preferential votes and without any support...We will present the appeals, for buying of votes and consciences will not pass."

Addressing FPM's members and supporters, Bassil said: "You are heroes, you have been exposed to a global war that only the heroes can withstand..."

On a different note, Bassil and the attendees at the forum observed a minute of silence and prayers for the souls of the martyrs of the Beirut Port explosion.



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