Taymour Jumblatt: The people failed the political assassination that some had planned at home & on the outside

NNA - Head of the "Democratic Gathering" parliamentary bloc, MP Taymour Jumblatt, stressed today on "the continued struggle for Lebanon's sovereignty to protect the state, our independent national decision, and our normal relations with the brotherly Arab countries."

“The elections are a new juncture that proves Lebanon’s democratic identity and diversity that many have tried to abolish, whereby the people have thwarted the political assassination that some had planned at home and on the outside," he said.
Jumblatt expressed his sincere appreciation and gratitude to "everyone who, through casting their votes, layed as a stone for building the state and ensuring recovery."

"Now that the elections are over, forming a government is an urgent requirement," he said, "for we cannot waste time as the citizen is unable to withstand anymore, and we will continue to work for all the slogans we raised in the elections and we want them to be achieved based on sovereignty and reform," Jumnblatt underscored.

His words came after presiding over the bloc’s meeting at Al-Mukhtara Palace this afternoon, in the presence of the MP's Marwan Hamadeh, Akram Chehayeb, Faisal Al-Sayegh, Hadi Abu Al-Hassan, Wael Abu Faour and Raji al-Saad.



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