Defense Minister: We want the election day to be a national democratic day par excellence

NNA - In an interview with "MTV" Channel on Saturday, Minister of National Defense Maurice Selim considered that "the citizen regains his personal democratic authority on the day of the election to delegate his representative in the parliament council."

He explained that "the army is ready in all regions to preemptively prevent any operation that would prejudice the security and safety of the elections." 

"We want Sunday to be a national democratic day, par excellence, and for people to exercise their electoral right without being subjected to any pressure or any breach of security," Selim underlined.

He stated that "the army, as well as the other security forces, are charged with protecting the electoral process, and they have an integrated plan," adding that "as of Saturday, they have become fully ready on all Lebanese territory to protect this electoral process, which is of great importance at the national level."

“The army forces are ready to implement the order of the President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, regarding the arrest of the briber and the bribed alike,” the Minister asserted.



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