President signs decree referring law establishing controls on bank transfers, cash withdrawals to Parliament

NNA - President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, signed Decree No. 9014 of April 7, 2022, which stipulates referring the accelerated bill approved by the Council of Ministers to the Parliament.

The law aims to establish exceptional and temporary controls on bank transfers and cash withdrawals (known as Capital Control).

President Aoun also signed Decree No. 9015 of April 7, 2022, which stipulates giving a treasury advance to the “Ogero” organization worth 127 billion and 532 million Lebanese pounds to cover the expenses of paying social assistance and adjusting the amount of the temporary transportation allowance for all its employees.  

The term of the advance was set at one year.

Moreover, President Aoun signed Law No. 282 dated April 7, 2022, which was approved by the Parliament in its last session, and referred it for publication in the Official Gazette, General Security and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants, to cover the expenses of the parliamentary elections.

The total extraordinary appropriation amounts to 620 billion Lebanese pounds, distributed as follows: 260 billion pounds to the Ministry of the Interior, 300 billion pounds to cover the expenses of achieving one million Lebanese passports with its accessories, and 60 billion pounds, the expenses of organizing elections for Lebanese expatriates abroad.

Former Minister Qordahi:

President Aoun met former Minister George Kordahi and deliberated with him general affairs and the recent political developments.—Presidency Press Office 






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