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Geagea re-nominates Bou Assi for Baabda's Maronite Seat: Mar Mikhael agreement ruined Lebanon, dragged it hell

NNA - Lebanese Forces Party Chief, Samir Geagea, announced from Maarab today that the Party’s candidate for the Maronite seat in Baabda shall be MP Pierre Bou Assi, stressing on the significance of Baabda in determining Lebanon’s wellbeing.

“Baabda today is not fine, and therefore all of Lebanon, with its state, institutions, economy and people, is not well…It is as simple as that, and history is witness to this," Geagea said.

“There is a huge hegemony project that can be stopped by a small piece of paper in the ballot box on May 15,” he emphasized, deeming that that the “Mar Mikhael” agreement has wreaked havoc in Lebanon, dragging it to hell.

“The Lebanon we want is the real Lebanon that will return through the votes of its people in the parliamentary elections…and from Baabda in particular, for this responsibility rests with the people of Baabda before all others, since it is from this region that the militias reached an understanding with the corrupt and carried out the largest fraud operation against the people throughout history, which brought Lebanon to hell…and from Baabda in particular begins the process of accountability and change," the LF Chief maintained.

He therefore urged the Lebanese to vote for a ‘Strong Republic’ because “Lebanon needs each one of you, and because together we are able to save our country, achieve the dream and make the desired change,” adding that the voice of each and every citizen will help restore the decision to the state and its institutions.

In turn, Bou Assi hoped that everyone would participate in the electoral process, "based on a clear political choice that will have a direct impact on the fate of the country."

"Despair and frustration are the gifts that the enemies of our country await, while Lebanon's sovereignty, pluralism, democracy, impartiality, stability and prosperity are the gifts that our children and grandchildren aspire for...,” he said.

“We are on a date together towards a return to identity and roots, and towards aspiration to a brighter future…our date together is on May 15,” Bou Assi underscored.



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