Tuesday 23 Apr 2024 - 12:00

02:22 am


Amal Movement, Hezbollah announce decision to attend cabinet sessions to approve budget, discuss economic recovery plan

NNA – “In a bid to rule out the false accusations of obstruction and confirm our utmost keenness on preserving Lebanon, its people and its social security, we announce our consent to attend the sessions of the Council of Ministers dedicated to approving the state’s general budget and discussing the economic recovery plan and everything related to improving the livelihood of the Lebanese,” indicated a joint statement by Amal Movement and Hezbollah issued this evening.

The statement noted that this decision comes “in wake of the accelerated events in the country and the internal political and economic crisis that has developed to an unprecedented level with the huge collapse in the exchange rate of the Lebanese pound, the decline of the public sector, the collapse of incomes and the purchasing power of citizens,” and “in response to the pressing needs of citizens and the call of the economic, professional and trade union sectors.”



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