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(UPDATE) Mikati visits Aoun, says 2022 general budget ready

NNA - President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, met Prime Minister, Najib Mikati, today at the Presidential Palace.

After the meeting, PM Mikati revealed that it was agreed to sign a decree to immediately open an extraordinary Parliamentary session.

PM Mikati also indicated that the 2022 general budget is ready, and that once he receives it within the next two days, it becomes necessary for the Council of Ministers to convene to approve it and refer it to the Parliament.

In addition, the Prime Minister asserted that the financial benefits that were previously promised to public and private sector employees will be released today.


After the meeting, Premier Mikati made the following statement:

“I consider that my meeting with His Excellency the President today was very fruitful. We first agreed to sign a decree to open an extraordinary Parliament session, which will start immediately until the date of the regular session.

As for the second issue, it is the 2022 general budget, where I informed the President that it is ready and I will receive it during the next two days, and as soon as this happens, it will become necessary for the Council of Ministers to convene to approve it, which is a prerequisite for the International Monetary Fund and for all the reform issues that we are working on. Therefore, we will call the Cabinet to convene upon receipt of the budget, to consider it as the most important issue at the present time, and then send it to the Parliament.

As for the third issue that I agreed on with His Excellency the President, it is the release of financial benefits, especially for public and private sector employees, which we promised to give, that is, half a month for November and half a month for December, and that will be done today, God willing.

I renew my call that it be a good year for all”.

Questions & Answers:

In response to a question about the existence of new data regarding the special Parliament session and the call for a cabinet session, Prime Minister Mikati replied: “The agenda and the existence of the budget have become more than necessary for the Cabinet meeting. I do not think that anyone will fail in this national duty”.

Question: Has the agenda been set?

Answer: “The priority is the budget”.—Presidency Press Office 





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