Friday 14 Jun 2024 - 12:00

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Supervisory Commission for Elections announces measures against media means and candidates

NNA - The Supervisory Commission for Elections on Tuesday issued a statement in which it announced the measures that have been taken against the media means, the candidates and the lists who committed electoral violations in the recent parliamentary polls.


In a statement, the panel said: "Pursuant to the provisions of the Lebanese Access to Information Law, and in accordance with the principle of transparency, the Supervisory Commission for Elections announces that it has taken the measures listed below:

First: Referring 592 media means to the Court of Publications for the following violations:

- Libel and slander

- Opinion surveys

- Hatred speech (intimidation, accusations of treason...)

- Breaking the electoral silence;

Second: Referring 25 criminal complaints to the State Prosecutions nationwide, that include charges of bribes and obstruction of the electoral process, among other crimes;

Third: Referrals to the Ministry of Interior and Municipalities to impose a one-million-pound fine for each day of delay regarding the submission of the financial statements."







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