Falha tours Information Ministry’s directorates, inspects electoral process media coverage: We stand at equal distance from all

NNA – Information Ministry’s Director General, Dr. Hassan Falha, on Sunday toured all the directorates of the Information Ministry, inspecting the progress of media coverage of the 2022 parliamentary electoral process, accompanied by the National News Agency (NNA) Director Ziad Harfouche, Radio Lebanon Director Mohammad Gharib, Director of Lebanese Studies and Publications Department Khodor Majed, and Diwan Department Head Walid Al-Flaiti.

Dr. Falha underlined that the elections are a "key turning point for Lebanon and a constitutional event", saying "Holding elections at this moment is a strengthening of the role of the state and the values of citizenship."

Falha added, "Although the current election law is not ideal, yet it reflects political reality.. This constitutional event remains of significant importance."

As for the role of the Ministry of Information in keeping pace with this electoral event, Dr. Falha said: "There is a vital and essential state of mobilization in the various directorates of the Ministry, whether at the level of the National News Agency, Directorate of Studies, Radio Lebanon, and Tele Liban, as we keep pace with this electoral event with the vigorous follow-up of His Excellency the Minister of Information, Ziad Al Makary, and all the employees and officials in the various Ministry’s departments.”

Dr. Falha underlined, “We stand at equal distance from all.”

The Ministry’s Director General also thanked all Ministry’s staff and employees for their efforts in keeping pace with the electoral process.

"Despite all the stifling circumstances that Lebanon endures, we are governed by optimism, for Lebanon is a country of capabilities and can rise within a short period of time if good intentions are available. In Lebanon, no one can cancel anyone, and there is a need for consensus and harmonization in order to raise the status of citizenship and the homeland," Dr. Falha maintained.

For his part, National News Agency Director, Ziad Harfouche, said: "The NNA has accompanied the elections since the early morning hours, with more than 50 correspondents in all electoral districts, 40 news editors in offices, and dozens of technicians and administrators.”

Harfouche added that NNA  gave broadcasts on the electoral process since 7.00 in the morning, and its correspondents provided Radio Lebanon with live messages from Beirut and all regions.

Director of Lebanese Studies and Publications Department Khodor Majed, in turn, said “Colleagues in the directorate kept pace with the electoral process- prior and during electoral process- and will follow up on the results with reports, in addition to documenting and archiving this fateful event in the history of Lebanon.”

As for Radio Lebanon, it has been broadcasting since the early morning hours, and has kept pace with the field preparations and the progress of the electoral process with live messages and real-time reports on events.


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