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MLHUMC successfully concludes 8th edition of Lebanese Oncology Forum

NNA - Mount Lebanon Hospital University Medical Center - MLHUMC concluded the 8th edition of the Lebanese Oncology Forum, a major two-day scientific event it organized in its premises in Hazmieh.

This annual scientific forum serves as a platform to discuss the latest developments in hematology and oncology. Its comprehensive program consisted of interactive sessions presented by renowned Lebanese and international speakers, who addressed the latest updates and the multidisciplinary approach in cancer care covering Radiation-Oncology, Surgery, Internal Medicine, Radiology, Cardiology, Cardiovascular Surgery, Hematology & Oncology. A large number of physicians and specialists attended the forum, led by the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Balamand, Dr. Sami Azar.

Dr. Elie Gharios, MHLUMC President and medical director stated on this occasion: “We are thrilled with the success of the 8th Lebanese Oncology Forum, and grateful to all participants for their very significant contributions. The exchanges we lead in this forum are crucial to inspire us to provide the best quality of care to our patients. The forum's discussions and presentations have underscored the importance of collaboration and innovation in improving cancer care." 

From his end, MHLUMC General Director Dr. Nazih Gharios seized the event’s occasion to announce “MHLUMC recent investment in a state-of-the art 2024 PET CT empowered with Artificial Intelligence, thanks to which the institution will remain at the forefront of  oncology in Lebanon and the region, while maintaining exceptional standards and offering the very best available in terms of cancer diagnostic tools and medical treatments.”The first day of the forum counted four main sessions. The first one tackled the topic of Neuro-Oncology. It was moderated by Dr. Joseph Hatem and Dr. Nour Gharios, with the intervention of Dr. François Kamar, who covered the subject of medical care of patients with brain tumors; Dr. Omar Awar who approached the topic of surgical management of brain tumors; and Dr. Georges Farha who discussed the advances in radiation therapy for patients with brain tumors. The second session was dedicated to the novelties in lung cancer management. Dr. François Kamar explained new approaches in treating early-stage lung cancer, while Dr. Maroun Sadek shared insights into the treatment of ALK+ NSCLC patients. The session was also marked by the contribution of Dr. Georges Teddy who presented the latest updates in managing cardiac tumors. In the fourth and last first-day session, participants explored the multifaceted realm of complications associated with anti-neoplastic treatment. Managed by Dr. Karim Bitar and Dr. Raghida Ghawi, this session hosted Dr. Elie Farah who discussed complications of immunotherapy; whereas Dr. Samer Nasr discussed cardiology surveillance in oncology treatment.

The second day comprised of three additional sessions. The forum’s fifth session focused on breast cancer. Moderated by Dr. Maria Hakim and Dr. Nazem Matta, it welcomed Dr. Adel Tabchi who examined the new horizons of immunotherapy in early and metastatic TNBC. The sixth session, dedicated to nuclear medicine and led by Dr. Nazih Gharios and Dr. Marwan Haddad, steered discussions on theragnostic in prostate cancer, as well as clinical experiences with Lutetium-177 PSMA radioligandtherapy with Dr. Thomas Langbein who shared the German perspective on the subject. The seventh session, moderated by Dr. Micheline Birak and Dr. Pierre Hani, explored enhancing GI cancer care. It featured presentations by Dr. Abir Ahmadieh who talked about gastric cancer updates, and Dr. Caroline Jabbour who tackled best practices in the field of radiation therapy for rectal cancer. Lastly, the eighth session, led by Dr. Carole Youakim, Dr. Patricia Shuhaibar, and Dr. Joe Maalouli, delved into the complications of anti-neoplastic treatment. It involved talks by Dr. Raja Wakim who discussed the topic of VTE Prophylaxis in surgical setting; Dr. Gerard Bleibeil, who spoke of pulmonary embolism in cancer patients; and Dr. Paul Nasr who approached pain management in cancer patients.

Mount Lebanon Hospital University Medical Center - MLHUMC is a private tertiary University Medical Center that offers medical care across all medical specialities. MLHUMC has been accredited three times by the Joint Commission International since 2016, and is the University Medical Center of Balamand University since 2019. MLHUMC is the leader in several specializations such as Cardiology, Orthopedics, and Endocrinology. It also has the most comprehensive Oncology platform in Lebanon, equipped with the most innovative technologies in Radiation Oncology in the Middle East. MLHUMC is firmly committed to provide patients with the best standards in medical care, quality, and safety.




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