Tuesday 23 Jul 2024 - 12:00

11:38 am


Tyre Coast Nature Reserve hosts first international conference

NNA - Tyre Coast Nature Reserve, within the framework of “Enseres” project funded by the European Union, on Tuesday hosted its first international conference, which brought together representatives of coastal reserves in Mediterranean countries. 

The conference kicked off by presenting projects funded by Enseres in a number of countries in the Eastern Mediterranean basin, including Lebanon.

Future projects that contribute to the sustainability of work being done in natural reserves were discussed, especially projects that enhance social environmental resilience in the coastal areas of the Mediterranean Sea.

Moreover, the results of the project were presented, focusing on “the importance of cooperation, exchanging experiences, and sound management of reserves among the countries of the Mediterranean basin, emphasizing the role of municipalities in supporting and protecting natural areas and enhancing the role of local and environmental communities to create a protection framework that is at the heart of the goals of establishing natural reserves.”






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