LBCI: We will not abide by the decision to delay daylight saving time, we will not accept isolation

NNA - The Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation International announced on Saturday that it will not abide by the government's decision not to switch to summer time this weekend, but instead to postpone the implementation of daylight saving time until next April.

In an statement today, LBCI Channel said: "We are well-aware that any country around the world has the right to make its decision regarding the time, but we also know that such a decision is not taken and implemented within a few hours...Lebanon is not an isolated island, and it is linked to a system based on a global clock to track time and to make sure that all humanity are able to communicate and work simultaneously."

"Our lack of commitment to the global clock will affect our work, and most importantly, our development will cease," the statement went on, stressing that the Channel will not adhere to the Lebanese government's haphazard decision, and will not accept isolation from the world, "for the decision to advance has been taken and it is irreversible."



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